Wednesday, 10 February 2010


If you're in the mood for some good vibes and groovy music why not head over to Lepakkomies for the No Milk Today club tomorrow? The Girl Watchers play 60's pop, garage and surf and everything in between and we throw in some retrolicious go go dancing - the Itty-Bitty Tease cabaret SHAKE!

EDIT : There will be No Milk For Me to shake today as I have taken on a nasty stomach virus and had to forget about both lindy hopping and go go dancing for tonight. Damn!


Buggy Darling said...

Sounds ace! shake it girl! xo

Ilona said...

Itty-Bitty was on tv last night - you all look great even at the backstage! :)

Accidentally I just spotted your picture also in a blog from US: Nini's Style has listed you as her favourite blogs among a few others. It was a nice surprise as I've been reading Nin's blog for a year now.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Buggy Darling : I will X)

Ilona : Oh,how nice - I'll have to check her out! We were really nervous about the documentary, but it was pretty ok, phew! They could've shown some more shots with make up on, not only the bare-face stage :P But thanks for the compliment <3

Alex said...

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Kitten said...

Jag såg också dokumentären i tv, väldigt intressant! Kul att se/höra er som omväxling till alla fina bilder här på bloggen också :) Programmet sändes riktigt passligt, har nämligen tänkt mig till Seinäjoki på "queens of teese" turnéen nästa lördag...Ska bli skoj! Önskar dig en trevlig helg!

Naats said...

I just spotted your picture also in a blog from Style has listed you as her favorite blogs among a few others. Naats