Monday, 23 November 2015


Autumn is chancing into winter and it's dark in the afternoon here already. Just like it should at this time of year - the time to take out all extra light and light candles! And drink lots and lots of glögg.
(The cats get to demonstrate the cosing-and-candeling-it-up.)

Today the first snow of the year fell.

And so did it on this weekend seven years ago too. I was out with our music-quiz team glöggging about on Satruday evening wearing a big beige checked skirt and my red shiny heels. It started to snow and I had to walk on my toes. And then later that night I met a man who I would come to marry two and a half years later.

Friday, 20 November 2015


Maria Stereo: Maisema 3 
Clothes and accessories:
IvanaHelsinki – Nudge / YCM – Hoochie Mama Jane – OVVN / Uhana Design

Earlier this fall I modelled for an art project between Tabulaland Art Store, stylist Nina Erkkilä and photographer Marko Saari, for which Erkkilä styled artworks by different artists on display and sale at Tabulaland with Finnish design and vintage.

Sami Viljanto: Tell Us About Your Worries
Jacket: Vuokko, dress and skirt: Poola Katryna Acessories and hat: Hoochie Mama Jane

MUAH for these photos are by me.

It just so happened that I posed with the smallest and the largest pieces of the project.
You can see all the other great photos from the project at I think the interpretation is really interesting.

The Finnish Fashion Loves Tabulaland Art- exhibition is on display at GLO Hotel Art Kitchen until mid-January next year.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


...and then dressed down to nothing but ripped muscles and golden hot pants but that is another story.

(Black-and-whie picture by @bettieblackheart)

Last weekend we got to do our boy-band act again! It is such fun to do because it is very much tongue-in-cheek, but also because it is so much different from what we/ I normally do and look like. And hanging around in a suit boots and tie afterwards at the Finnish Burlesque Gala is rather relaxing as 1) everyone else will be in their most shiniest dressed up to the teeth while I can just sit back on a chair and relax and 2) ah, suits, trousers, pockets; no need for a purse, my hands are free.

However, I  think I worry about and check my make-up more than normally ...
I find it a bit hard to do a "proper" masculine make up that does not make me look tired or just "dusty", especially as it has to be strong enough to work for on-stage too. I can make myself all pin-up and showgirl in no time but to get a good looking guy out of me is harder. (Since I'd still want Mr.Freelancer to be kind of handsome you know.) Especially with the hair, to not look all Leo Johnson (90's. Curly Ponytail. Twin Peaks) or like I have a mullet. But this time with my hipsterish-boy-meets-a-young-Justin-Timberlake-meets-Boy-George-curls it worked out a bit better.

It is funny how different clothing and style affects one behaviour. Well, of course, when in drag - and especially for this number, and on occasions like these- when one has a distinct exaggerated character the way one presents onself is often part of the role. But I remember from when working in the harbour how my body language and behaviour differed from other occasions.  It was not a thing that happened by choice, but something that came naturally without thinking, due to the environment and the gear, and how I was used to act in it. Once my ex-boyfriend, who was a seaman, came over to our headquarters from his ship to hang out with us during the break. Afterwards he said he was so surprised to see me there in my workwear eating lunch with feet on the table, moving around differently and with a different posture than usual (we lived together at the time and he was used to seeing me slouch around at home, athough, in a different way). That change in how I acted never happened on purpose and was most likely something that had developed over time there - I did work in the harbour for more than a decade and we all worked long shifts, and thus spent a lot of our time there. Still, I also though working there brought out a lot of very feminine sides of me; in many situations you could really see stereotypical differences between me and "the rest of the guys" as in which way we chose to see things or solve issues. Interesting form a social point of view. Also heavier shoes (and pants with some extra room in the crotch) just makes you walk in a different way.

Well back to the boy band parody.

Here's a little action from on stage where we are doing very manly push ups. Aha-aha.
(Picture by Tuomas Lairila.)

Monday, 16 November 2015


One of my favorite gowns is this long velvet one that I, for that obvious reason, don't get around wearing all that often. The previous time was two years ago when Eddi had his PhD disputation party. Last we celebrated a late autumn wedding with a beautiful setting at the Theatre Museum and I finally got a chance to wear it again!

The dress is from the seventies, but the cut allows it to be styled in a 1940's fashion as well, for example. I got it a few years back from my grandmother's cousin when she needed to empty her closet and got rid of a lot of amazing clothes. Sadly I have never managed to get any good pictures of the dress in action, this time these with my iphone will have to do.