Wednesday, 17 December 2014


I went to Christmas party which was an excellent opportunity to pop on my Heartbraker shoes. And as the theme of this fall-and winter- has been plaid I did not break it this time either! (In real life I actually have been wearing other clothing than checked_plaid only, even though it may seem hard to believe; they just did not make it here.) I put my bangs aside for the night with a couple of pins that my mother used to wear as a kid, they still keep hair in place very well.

The skirt is vintage and the top is self made from last summer. The shoes are by Frollein von Sofa and come in many colours and materials.

Monday, 15 December 2014


One day a long time and some homes ago I found an old suitcase in the trash. One person's trash is another one's treasure indeed -  I would never throw away such a fine suitcase with so many memories on it, but for some it had probably been taking up closet space for too long a time. 

The suitcase was covered in old travel stickers. You don't see that anymore!

I've kept it in our livingroom; it has had magazines and chords in it but for the moment it has no other function than to look nice. Dag ripped some of the stickers off when he was smaller, but many are still left.

I wonder who it was that once traveled to these places and took this suitcase along?

Friday, 12 December 2014


Because the smartest thing to engage in in the middle of the night during a period when your to-do list is just too long, is to start "cleaning" and "organising" you computer (read: look at old photos and notes and links and perhaps, if you're lucky, manage to erase a few kb of data...)

I came upon a set of photos I took when I was at my grandmother's cabin in Souther Carelia with my sister many summers ago. A bike ride away, along a smal road, there is an abandoned farm. We used to  there every time we went out berry picking and walk around the beautiful yet spooky yard.

My sister still stops by there every summer on her raspberry-picking trips.
I have not been there since I took these photos.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Work. I've been re-rehearsing (and re-blinging, phew!) a couple of my old acts, one is this winter themed one. A number that you'd think be suitable for this time of the year but it's plus something and raining. Well, I'll be a dream of a white Christmas then.

Lots of white and lots of sparkle. There's been a lot of beading and rhinestone applying, but with the headdress I have spared myself and had it made.

Dag was eager to try it out too. And the rest, and mimic what I do.

Because he had been such a patient boy watching cartoons during my practice, I then took him to the indoor fun park to play afterwards. Altough this is from ikea where I picked up some things (and had dinner. Quick and easy!).

Came home to watch me talk about - surprise- burlesque for a few minutes on TV (at Efter Nio).

Then worked on preparations for our upcoming event tomorrow - or today, actually, my days tend to linger way into the next one -Under the Mistle Tease; the Showgirl Edition. It's a Christmas party-club-show we organise for our students, to showcase what we have been doing with them this fall.
Our new and biggest coached troupe The Shangrilettes will perform their debut, for which the sneak peak above is. There are a few tickets left at the door so head over to Wäiski at 20hrs to have some fun!