Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I'm back home, after being here and there and away for about half of the month!

And it is warm and lovely and summery (which is something you will see me comment every time it occurs. Because I do live in Finland you know.)

I had a day of no-makeup and wear whatever is the nearest and comfiest (in this case my "Moomin dress") and hang out in the garden and even attended it a little, first time this year, and it looks thereafter.

We picked greens for dinner with Dag - Ground elder to sautée, dandelion leaves for salad and the flowers and buds (of which you can make "capers" too I've heard) to fry in butter and garlic.
 (Well pretty much everything tastes good with butter and garlic, right?)

I also drank some flowers. (Or well, hot water that they had soaked in...)
This is rosebud tea that Eddi brought home from Teheran. He was there a few weeks ago for work. (My father happened to be there the same time, working with same-same-but-different things, and he told me my blog would not open up there on the web.  As a little interesting side note.)

And the appletrees are blooming here now; and I am happy I managed not to miss it, as it still is only such a short time that it stays like this.

The appletree is full of the sound of a soft warm wind and the sound of hundreds of bees buzzing about. For the moment it makes me think that that is like the sound of life.
And on many levels it is, because bees are important you know.

Friday, 20 May 2016


I'm still traveling but meanwhile here's a little happy story about a happy old car:

You may remember I have an old car. It's from the seventies. And I am rather fond of that car, even though it has been neglected for quite some time now. It's spotted in many of my outdoor pictures as it has been waiting next to the apple tree at the farm. Or one could say: has been stuck.
(The photo above is of overgrown sad car, 2014. It looks the same now with appleblossoms and all but the car is not sad anymore.)

And waited it has. I parked it there almost five years ago, when I was pregnant with Dag and started driving a more family-friendly car. I took it off registration and insurance after about a year, and at some point that dear husband of mine insisted of driving a bit with it (which is just good for the car, to drive around and not just wait outdoors) and also on keeping the keys, the only set of keys there were -you may see where this is going- and then of course ending up losing/misplacing/what-f'ing-ever-they-were-gone-anyways the keys.

So my poor old Taunus stood there for a few years growing moss. (Literally)

But now he is sad now more but happy shiny and running again!
My friend Asko have been fixing on the issue during the winter; we've ordered different keys from car sites of other old Taunuses to find one that'd hopefully fit the ignition. None did, but we did get one set to open the door. In the end we ordered a new whole ignition from a veteran car site and some time ago Asko came over to set it in (demanded a bit of work due to a lot of stuff and technical details I guess there is not much point to get that much into here.)

So we played the 1950's for a while where the guys could mend the car and the women stay in the kitchen and prepare food and drink wine.

Well I did go out to sort of help too (read: check the situation), it is after all my car.

But the next time I went out they -plus the men from next door - were already blissfully driving around with it.

Mossy car drives away.

Shiny car comes back!

And I finally get to hop in! (Note, hop in, not behind the wheel yet...)

And it's sooo happy and shiny again! Woop-woop, car-woop!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


(Yes I'm still away on a trip but I've scheduled a post here -  apparently I nowadays post more when I'm not present, ehrm.)

My test-tube collection have been ugly and dusty and left with some dried flowers  over the winter but just before I left I put in the first flowers of the spring. An instant cheer-me-up thing!

Sunday, 8 May 2016


It's the morning of a very long day as I am still continuing my Saturday here at 5am, stretching out the final hour before heading over to the airport soon (no use to go to sleep for just a mere hour, putting my hopes on the flight instead) : London calling!
It's been a day of crazy organising and packing, both for the show we had earlier tonight (which definetly was the best night we've produced so far! Been giving myself mental taps on the shoulder here), for five days of London with two performances - tonight and Wednesday at Dingwalls, for Estonia straight after that and for Dag for the time I'm away; Eddi is in Iran so the little one head over to relatives for next week. I mean, that's a lot of packing all at once, which I had to finish after coming home from our event as I had too much else to attend before. Phew. But London, yey! It's almost like vacation altought it's work! Heh.

PS. Happy mothersday and enjoy the sunshine!