Friday, 1 February 2019


The first month of 2019 went by, lets see how the rest of 2019 goes!

This year I started with the collect-one-second-a-day-clips, which a lot of my friends did last year. (I coudn't start then as I missed the first month and my inner system would not allow me to not start on January 1.)
A fun small way to gather memory snippets.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


You may know that my love for putting wheels on, or rather: under things, is just about as big as my love for pockets.

When we made Dag's room we put wheels under most of the storage. Easy to move around when playing, building fortresses and creating new secret worlds.

He has a bench with boxes filled with toys underneath, that he can roll out when he needs them, to where he wants them.

I planned and Eddi made a lego tray to build on, and then push under the bed for when not needed. And also to mimize the amount of hazardous little hard pieces to step onto when spread out on the floor (they still appear there too though...)

And I got a couple of transport trolleys from the hardware store to store the bigger toy boxes on.
(Yes, half of our house consists of Lego.)

I wonder if there is something more that I'd manage to wheel still...

Sunday, 18 November 2018


I'm continuing my -apparent- theme colours for this fall; here in a jumpsuit I sew myself in a dark, plum-brownish shade.

I've noticed that sewing is perhaps the closest to a hobby I have, as I otherwise don't really have time for one (unless buying lipsticks counts as a hobby). While I have to do a lot of sewing for work (costumes) too, sewing for my everyday-self is something of a threat as I am not able to do it whenever I'd like, and it is not something I have to do but want to.

I made this based on a thinner jumpsuit I have, bought last summer.  That one fits and hangs great but the fabric was cheap and got floppy very fast. So I decided to make a new, better quality version. As you may remember I am not used to working with patterns, but I often copy things I see. Cutting is always the hardest part, sewing is easier. I will still need to make a small lift in the waist as it gets a bit bulky there, and I want to add a couple of decorative buttons in the front - but otherwise this was a rather quick and painless project!

The difference to the original jumpsuit turned out to perhpaps be the over-all feel - while this fabric is better and sturdier, it does not drape, or rather hang, as well as I thought it would. (Making a fitted dress or a short-legged romper version out of this material might have been the optional use.)  It did turn out quite nice in any case although it is not a straight copy of the old one, but it is just as comfy! And that's the big deal here.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


The crowd-funded Atelieri O.Haapala book is finally here and it is so beautiful I almost want to cry!

The bi-lingual book -the texts are both in Finnish and English- features the studio's portraits and distinctive style of photography from the last decade (the studio/project was active 2008-2016 and produced more than 7000 portraits),  taking you on a journey trough an imaginary past:

Performers, artists, family portraits, guests at events who photographed themselves in the popup photo booth, as well as some of the studio's own project series and adventure scenarios...

...not to forget a few of Saara and Marcos, the photographers', most iconic theme-looks!

But apart from being a book with hundreds of beautiful creative images to aesthetically enjoy, this work functions as quite the emotional nostalgia pack for me, being filled with amazing people, dear friends, and oh-so many memories.

The Atelieri O.Haapala book is a superb coffee table book and will most definitely make a great Christmas present! Get your own book via their website.