Tuesday, 18 May 2010


You know, sometimes some of the tiniest things in life are the best ones - those you may only be reminded of when you are actually enjoying them, or those small details you long for when you are far away from them.

Sitting by my window in the soft evening sunshine (yes, we have sunshine in the evenings up here :), letting the warm summer air in, listening to the birds twitter is one of those. Just amazing actually, after a long and cold winter, afer a hectic day.

The weather is spectacularly warm this week; warmer than usual. Helsinki really blooms up and is much more great on days like these. Reminds me of the fact that there actually are places where you wake up to warm and sunny mornings all the time, almost, and to the fact that it is very possible to live at such places too...

But for the time being I will most likely stay here, and take the cold when it returns. Especially with all that's to come soon: the Move. This week will be spent in the flat-to-be, preparing for the renovation. THe downside with great weather is the fat that you feel frustrated and kind of guilty if spendfing your days indoors. But I'll keep the balcony door open an let the bird twitter and sunshine in.

And for other moments when twittering cannot be heard, I'll listen to this song:


Inés said...

your blog is great,i love

stephanie said...

Oh, the new smeg!!

And the vagabond shoemething! ;)

Thanks for the help with the scarf... But my hair is still too short for that do.. I'll try to pin my hair in a low bun first..then do the scarf thingy!

Have a nice warm week.. I'll get all dressed up for my wet wet winter =(

Malayka said...

You're making me wish for summer again already and we've only just hit Autumn! I woke up this morning and looked at the window to find a think blanket of fog over everything which is unusual considering I live right in the city. All the best for the move on the weekend!

esme and the laneway said...

Good luck with the move!

(My Mr is checking out the smeg fridge for me on Saturday while I'm at work. A dream of so many years about to be realised... exciting! Can't wait to see your new place, if you want to show it!)

ina said...

Väder väder :)

Och, iiks, flytten! Snart är vi inte "grannar" mer.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Inés : thank you <3

Stephanie : but it's a little bit nice in the beginning of winter too, the first days you get to wear your warm jacket isn't it?

Ruby Roulette : Few things bear summer - but, the first autumn mornings can be pretty fine too, even though could and foggy. On with mittens and a scarf, in for a cup of tea later. And thanks, we'll need all the good wishes possible for the renovation and move :9 But I won't be moving quite yet, we'll paint and renovate for a couple of weeks first, starting now!

Esme and the Lane Way : A smeg, yey! Any colour preferations? And I will vertainly put pictures of the new home duting summer :)

Ina : nä jag vet, sniff*

Eve said...

So glad to hear this song (one of my favourite songs ever) on this fabulous blog. Cheers from France !

Mrs Munster said...

Ahhh, I love rocking to this song! Brian Setzer's version is also quite good.