Tuesday, 10 January 2012


We do not call this a fashion blogf or nothing: today I am going to write a little about kitchen towels! Haute!

No but really. I like it with prints in the kitchen that still are not right there in your face you know. While I out in the countryside go for more classic checks stripes and flowers I keep on buying graphic prints for the apartment kitchen.
Mostly in the form of towels.

My newest one has mustaches, goes ooh la-la! and is all frenchy (although actually Norwegian). By Darling Clementine, that also has lots of other print products. You can find similar styles by Finnish design duo PolkaJam (lots of black cats in their kitchen-themed prints! Site in Finnish but you don't really need to get what it says, right?).

One favorite is... oh, wait, cat in the way.

...my Kippis-print by Marimekko. Marimekko needs no further introduction (shouldn't at least) but "Kippis" means "Cheers".
Lesson #1 in Finnish accomplished!

I also have a vintage kitchen towel my friend Aiju gave me once with a cocktail print. Or alcohol print actually. Every kitchen needs a little alcohol, you know - an opened red wine bottle hanging around int he corner, vintage martini ad calendar, alcohol towel. Or then not. But this one is funny.

If you're all disappointed now that you didn't get a big enough dose of fashiuun you came to the wrong blog I can remind you of my Vivien of Holloway discount code VOH_FreelanceF4b that is running until the end of the month; 10% off normally priced products. You can use the code only once.

Then there's also my -10% code for Shabby Apple; freelancer10off, which is valid until January 16. However, they do have a site wide discount code now that is as high as 20% off basically everything so maybe better to go for that one! The code is NEWYEAR.

Fashionblog over and out.


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, I LOVE Marimekko. :)

Purrfect Kat said...

It's funny, My mum just gave me some genuine 70s kitchen towels and some look like yours!!
"Fashionblog over and put" : i do not trust you, you've always been so pretyy, glamourous and stylish that even pregnant, you'll stay the loveliest!! I actually cannot wait myself to see what you're going to show us next time!!
I'm having my USA road trip of june posts at the moment... wanna take the tour with us??


Keep dressing up doll!!

Darioszka said...

Love your cat! ^^

Aiju said...


Chatrin Loov said...

Haha, me and my friends went to Helsinki this autumn and "kippis" was one word we said A LOT! My friend was even able to order in finnish: "kaksi salmiaki kiitos!" Loved Helsinki!