Thursday, 8 August 2013


All those pots and buckets and hours of work and all that picking and cooking and washing up and sweating and then all that just becomes three bottles of juice*. (Well, and a cake too.)

So I apparently chose the warmest day of this summer (it was almost plus thirty over here) to juice the black- and red currants I had picked. It turned not only the kitchen but the whole house into a sauna...

*) Not that it is that hard to make juice of any berries or fruit in the end, but I am always a bit bummed out when so much fruit (and so much sugar...) goes in and out comes just a bottle or two when I had imagined a whole row of shining filled such.
And then someone comes in thirsty and finishes off a bottle in no time.
Which is of course what these are made for, drinking. Otherwise I just tend to cling to them and save them for some future magic moment (which easily could be next summer just before the new berries are waiting in the bucket already... here go are with the first world full fridge-problems again...)

I did hide some of the summer lemonade I made earlier in the freezer and intend to take it out when it's grey and cold and shitty in about six months or so, and have ys enjoy a little glass of sunshine then.

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Peaches McGinty said...

In my freezer is 2 lots of strawberry granita I have kept from people, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hides things! The summer lemonade will be yum when the cold arrives x