Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Dag's room. The one we've been working on only for about 14 months or so. And with working I mean not setting my foot in there apart from hanging up curtains there once in March, doing some occasional messy sewing and storing all my show-suitcases in. So he's still sleeping in our bedroom and playing all over the living room. In fact the whole flat has looked like shit not been too nice looking the last year. I'm too busy with everything and all the free time we spend at the farm. But as autumn always is my kind of new year I have actually done something about it; I've been organising my paper work and such to get it out of that room end elsewhere and started moving some of Dags things into the old study! Step by step, toddler steps.

We got him some basic wood furniture from ikea and pimped them up with some red. I still had some red spray paint left from when painting the heels on my boots red last winter, and coated the legs on the stool (that will work as a night stand) and the knobs on the chest with it. Quick and very painless!

The cat lamp has also finally found a real home. (And soon someone will even live in there!)


Tonia said...

Cute room! The red accents definitely freshen up the space and add a more colorful dimension :) <3.

Andzia said...

Wow! The cat lamp is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

I hope little Monsieur loves his new room as the whole apartment is his playground now ;-)

Unknown said...

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