Monday, 16 March 2015


 It's been warm and sunny the whole week and my sunglasses have made it out of the closet and the spring coat is on.

Dag and I went out out to the farm together for the weekend (E is away because of work again). Today we were out enjoying the weather before I had to head into town for my pilates. I have been teaching (as part of my training) every Sunday all winter.

Another thing that also made it out of the closet were my blue jeans which I haven't worn for months.
I have a fear of everything even slightly uncomfortable and always think of pants and jeans as going into that category when these in fact do not. Must remember that the next time.
My jeans are Emmy Design, from Pinup Garage.


Alice B said...

Love it!!! Love the Leopard coat. Trendy and so comfy indeed.

Tuguldur Batdelger said...


julia watson said...

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