Thursday, 6 August 2015


Last weekend we went out to the summer house in the archipelago. I don't make it out there that often anymore, just a few days per summer, but it is still the ultimate summer place for the, as it is there that we spent the whole season when we were children.

 This time we were here to celebrate my nephews first birthday.

  Garden party.

I made a vegan chocolate cake with banana and cocoabutter (and a lot more). Will get back to that one later!

 This is my dad's old stroller from the mid 1950's.

And here's the birthday boy riding it.

It's funny; I somehow remember Dag being so much "older" when he turned one but I guess that is a parent-thing. Or forgetting-the-baby-phase-thing. Or, things-go-so-fast-thing. Something it anyways is.

 My other nephew just turned eight months.

 Opening presents.

And of course, the older kids are very eager to help with that one...

Fast forward to ending the day with a archipelago sunset.
The sun suddenly sets so much earlier. August, snap, the evenings are dark!


Anonymous said...

I love the kids outfits it looks as if every baby had a stylist :-) I have noticed that kids wear different clothes in Scandinavia (I mean style-wise). Am I right?
It's crazy how time flies. Dag is already a big boy taking care of his baby cousins!

Buy China Products said...

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The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : I am not sure, as I don't know how kids tend to dress elsewhere... but there are a lot of nice clothes for children availble I think :)

stevenjared0853 said...

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