Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hello! I am in Berlin but last weekend we were at my sisters wedding!
It was warm and sunny  and I was wearing mint green. Could it get any better than that? Perhaps, because my hair was also pastel peach!* (Pastels can make a lot of things better. And you know I like competing with the cake on weddings, pastell-y and fluffy.)

My shoes are Minna Parikka, the purse vintage and the cherry blossom wrap dress is from PriscillaTokyo on Etsy, made of Japanese vintage fabric. Anastasia made me the hair flower by hand a few years back.

*) Was, well, is, still. A powdery peach.


Radostin said...

Gorgeous! You do look lovely.

yana koh said...

Nice n cute glasses

Emma said...

Wow! You look stunning. Love that dress.

Roxy said...

The pink shoes were definitely the right choice.

Johnny Leaver said...

Pretty look! Awesome tattoo as well. You know, the thing that gets me every time in these kinds of photos is the idea of how happy people are. It inspires me in my everyday life. Thank you!

Kirty Singh said...

Awesome combination..Looking so cute in Pink..
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