Saturday, 20 October 2018


You've seen me talk about it trough the years - my love for autumn. I do enjoy all seasons (except perhaps for spring, as spring in Finland often turns out rather not only short but non-existent; two months of disappointment. Sadly), but while I always long for a short (hah!) snowy winter and feel most alive during summer autumn still turns out to be my favourite time of year. And this year it has been magical! Like you would have wanted to walk around with your mouth open all the time and just do a constant 'Wow!'.
Ah, the light, and all the colours!

My colours for this autumn turns out to be plum and dark blue. And all things checked and plaid, as usual.

But the bye-bye to all of this this is around the corner; the inevitable will soon come – no more light, no more colours.

It's a good thing we have candles, fairy lights and red wine to battle the Mordor-months with! Bring it on!


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