Monday, 10 February 2020


Filling this one up.
took a walk in the woods today, and walks this time of the year - although this winter is very much warmer than normally - always makes me chilly and calls for a warm bath.
(Will also add that here I am carefully balancing and cropping out husband's mini-motorcycle workshop that has appeared on the bathroom floor, with it's tires resting here for their second week already...)

Meanwhile, filling this up too.
The rest of the family is in the north skiing so might as well do a little bubbly by myself.

In with this golden Lush bath-thingie!

On with some opera in the background (with more volume than otherwise, as, alas, I am indeed the only one in the house for now) and then in in the bath with me!
Not coming up until I have reached full-on raisin mode.


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