Saturday, 1 April 2017


Today I've been wearing blue.
From top to toe, rather literally; I have a new sky blue faux-scarf turban that I've been hiding my somewhat un-styled hair under lately.

And so today as well, serving also a practical reason to help my hair stay put and away while I finally got around changing the soil for all the plants in the house (all those plants that survived winter, that is). Re-potting and cutting and all however resulted in more plants than before.

The smartest thing is of course to dig in to the potting soil without any gloves when you've just had new fancy Fabergé egg-looking nails done.

My fourth thing now  today's sountdrack. I don't tend to listen that much to domestic music, even less to music of Swedish speaking Finnish origin (you know, like me) for some reason but today this has been playing.


Porcelina said...

Love the turban, where's it from? X

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Porcelina: it's from a Finnish lady who makes them under the name House of Silin! You should be able to find her page on Facebook. I bought two; they are super nice, but apparently comes from a smoking environment so I had to air them a bit before I used them.

Kim said...

Your nails look amazing! Need to get mine done before I go away on vacation, thank you for the style inspiration!

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