Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Gingham shirt-dress : Sailor Jerry

Well, if yesterday was all sunshine today was a bit more mellow and rainy. Had lunch with an old colleague from a job back in the days and nowadays a "competetor" from the music quiz. It was delightful. After that I've decided I deserve yet some more dresses (honetsly, can that argument las forever?) and got myself a Stop Staring dress from Garageland.
Otherwise I havn't done anything.

I have five weeks paid vacation from this one place I work at. I was planning to work with my own business a bit more now since I haven't done much after all those meetings last month.
I was also planing to work out a lot.
Organize my papers.
Clean my closet.
Put up all of those clothes I don't wear anymore on (Ha! That's never going to happen!)

(I wonder if any of these things catually will happen during this summer, hrmmm...)

But as I just said, I went shopping and nothing more. And now I'm going to slip in to a cherry dress, put lipstick on, have some champagne and hit town.


mateo said...

Looking hot as always!!! and I love the suitcase

Ranna said...

Hey, I bought a Stop Staring dress less than a week ago! :)
Which one did you get?

Lyiks said...

Where have you bought that Sailor Jerry dress, from HulaHula Boutique? I'm constantly drooling over their collection on their website but the prices are a bit too much for a student. Too bad.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Mateo : Oh thank you :) I'm so happy about hte suitcase, don't use it though, just keep it at home fot its looks...

Ranna : I got the one in the "40's glamour Lula dress" a pleated fabric. Which one did you get!?

Lyiks : Mine is from the SJ website... it's quite expensive yes. Or it depends. The dollar rate is great for us with euros now, but the taxes suck, you have to add 22% to price! (but this dres actually was a gift from SJ since they fucked up another order of mine...)

Ranna said...

Ah, I love that one!
I got the Sydney dress to make my sailor-girl dreams come true. :)
I still have to shorten the hem a bit and take the upper bodice in a couple of inches, but after that it'll be perfect.

Miss Woo said...

One of these days I really am going to have come and steal your wardrobe ;) Another fantastic look again!