Wednesday, 16 July 2008


On Ina:
Skirt - Indiska
Top - Gina Tricot
Bow - the Hula Hula Boutique
On me:
Top - Diesel
Skirt - DIxie Grey
Shoes - Bianco
Bracelet - vintage, from Ansa

Yesterday Ina and I had a extempore picnic in the park after strolling around a while in town. We picked up all sorts of delishous stuff from the deli; salad, cream-cheese stuffed jalopenos and focaccia,a pack of cherry-chili choloate that cost as much as a lunch itself, fresh strawberries. I originally planned to go kick some savate, but I had too many cigarettes and a few beers and thtas was the end of my workout. Sometimes that just happens, but hat's what I love about summer. You can change yuor plans anytime and it's totally ok. You can just kick of you heels anytime.

Later in the evening I went on a date withe the director of the movie but ended up going home with the leading actor of that film instead. Sometimes that just happens.
But that's what I love about summer.


Miriam Parkman said...

Kicking of your heels in a park for a picnic is the best! And cherry-chili-chocolate really sounds delicious... It should be expensive, because otherwise it wouldn't be so delicious!
(if you could afford to eat it too often, I mean)

ann said...

those polka dot bows are fantastic!

johanna said...


Doriz Jeltzin said...
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the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Miriam Parkman : it was goood, but you're rightm if you have it too often it wouldnät be that special anymore...

Ann : thanks. We love'em too :)

Johanna : yes it was :)

Doris J : She was happy to hear that :D

Dotti said...

I'm so in love with that little anecdote. You naughty naughty girl.


Démo said...

ÅH, det är ju "mina" skor!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Dotti : Hih, I guess I'm strating to adapt so life as being single again...

Démo : Jepp! De är välidgt sköna att gå i också... hoppas de snart kommer på slutlig rea hos dig så kan du skaffa dem!!