Monday, 11 May 2009

FFB NEWS in the Freelancer's Fashionblog's News.

Must be my most idiotic headline ever.
But I like stupid headlines so that's perfectly fine.

* My blog is on Bloglovin' and some people were even folloing me there. Now I've caught up myself and in order for me to be able to add that little icon to my side bar I have to post this here right now:
Follow my blog with bloglovin´.
OK. So if you don't catch up with me via Google you can luuuv me by clicking that link.

* If you for some reason just can't get enough I've gone and twittered myself here.
(Turrrbocherry is quite the lousy updater though.)

* Norma Jeane tried out the Aloha twirl. Turned out gorgeus, check it out!

* Helsinki vintage lovers, you're lucky: there will be a new store full of goodies opening soon! Keep your eyes open ok!

Heh, I think I have to start doing these news things once a month or so. Just so I get to write that headline again.


Kia said...

What new store?!? I want to know now!

AlicePleasance said...

I like Bloglovin and I'm following you there since last winter :-)

The new store you mentioned, will it be YOURS...?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Kia : More news will follow this week :)

Alice : No, but it'd be great if it was :) It's a friend of mine's and I helped her put with some graphic design for this one!

Parapluie said...

I'm already following you on Bloglovin' (haha, that does sounds somewhat creepy...)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Parapluie : Well, it doesn't sound that creepy :)

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