Thursday, 14 May 2009


Some time ago I was tagged by darling Vintageportalen's Jessica to list five of my favorite following:


Oh, you know how I can never choose between things or make up my mind but this is what I'm feeling for the moment then:
Brooches - since those apparently are the only jewellery I seem to wear these days
Scarves - as bows around my neck or in my hair. Preferably polka dot ones.
Belts - At least half of my outfit contains belts. Around the waist only. Never on the hips.
Lingerie - an important part of what's beneath any outfit, but having anything of it show is a big no-no for me (unless it's a burlesque performance of course :)
My leather jacket - may not count as an accessory in the eyes of many, but for me it kind of is, since what jacket I choose to wear defines how the outfit end up looking, making it more lady, cute or rock chick. A jacket can actually change the whole outfit and that's why this is my favourite item to accent things up with.


Trashy Diva silk dress - because it's so pretty
My mother's old safari dress - because it's so easy to wear wherever, whenever
My Rock Steady Dress - because I look great in it ;)
The black skirt - because it has a huge hem and is endlessly versatile.
My mom's old wrap-around skirt - because it has such fresh colours.


My granny's old black suede ones - too small for me to ever dance in, but great for small steps and makes my feet look tiny
My purple pumps - the perfect shape of toe, heel and everything
The Minna Parikka's - a quality shoe is comfortable no matter how high the heel and so are these. And very pretty too of course.
The Blue Ones - new shoes are always one of the favourites. And the bow is like the bow!
My Raspberry Sandals - The best bargain ever. And so summery!


I'm not really in to tagging anyone myself, it somehow reminds me of exchanging stickers in elementary school, picking out girls to do a N.K.O.T.B dance for morning assembly, or choosing the baseball team in gym class (pick me! link me! you know...). Well not really, just a little bit, sometimes...

But, but, since there are some tags I haven't (yet, sorry :) answered I'll go and tag those who tagged me in return! Because that's just, eh, fair. Hehe. So I'll tag Ilona, Nataly and Sam. That makes only three even though this tag wants you to go on and tag five. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Oh, love the shoes. All of them!

Sherin said...

Mmmm, accessories, shoes and clothes - where would we be without any of them. Those are definitely my 3 favourite things right now.

Risa-chan said...

I just thought I'd tell you that you're on my blog. ^^ I've written a nice little text about you, (in swedish) about that I recomend people to check out your blog, beacuse you're pretty and your blog inspires me. ^^ And also I've borrowed a picture, I hope you don't mind. ^^ //Risa-chan (

janettaylor said...

Cute sandals! My fave...


Vanessa said...

You're shoes are absolutely enviable. The Minna Parikas are my faves, though.

Nataly R. said...

do you remember that I tagged you some time ago and asked to show your prom photos?:)

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh my, those shoes are beeeeautiful! I love them all!

The pictures are gorgeous, all of the items are to die for.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm linking you right now!

Have a great rest of the day.

lauren said...

i want all of your shoes!

muffin said...

Hi sweetie~ today i just notice you have come to my blog and left me messageten days ago! wow!that makes me happy. xx, I love polka dot! i have been finding a red one with white dot for a long time(but just no luck ha). and love you ~ love you ~

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Sherin : don't knwo where we'd be but I know qwhat we'd be - very naked ;)

Risa-Chan : Thanks, how nice of you :)

Janet : thanks!

Vanessa.: THey used to be my numner ones nut I haven't worn them in some time now though...

NatalyR : Yes! That's why I tagged you in this one (great logiscs, sin't it). But no, I haven't answered yet, since my prom photos are in a non-digital version and needs to be fetched from my parents and scanned in so weäll see when that happens :)

Cherly Lynn : Hop you'll have a great day too!

Lauren : :)

Muffin : OH thanks and you're welcme :)

miha.ela said...

I like all your favs :)

LauraHelen said...

love the rock steady dress. vair vair cute. and i get what you mean, linking is childish. XD

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Those blue bow shoes are Out Of This World! why oh why can't I find things like that in store here? I have to resort to more online ordering I think. Fantastic selection.

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