Sunday, 10 October 2010


I've been admiring the bright and rich colours this fall somehow feeling there is more of those than last year and then realized, a bit surprised, it is due to the fact that it has not been that windy lately -it has allowed the trees to maintain their colours in full glory. It's normally windy as hell around here this time of year and today we're back to normal; the wind is hard and the air full of twirlling yellow leaves. I've gone to pick up some Nepalses and mango lassi now in between the ships and am waiting to go out and face the wind and the growing waves.

This Sunday may not be a soft one, but one with work (I'd like to say hard work but Sundays are pretty easy so I'd be exaggerating) and cold, but here's some music to go along anyway:

And also, last but not least; as you may know the blog and I are aging gracefully together; I started my thirtieth year last week and the blog will now enter it's fourth (!) one. It's always funny to look back and see how some things m,ong many others have changed,; during the first year of blogging for example my work changed from freelancing with a lot of things to cutting down and mainly working in the habrour. During the second year burlesque went from becoming an interest to something I started doing for real, and the past year for me has been about changes; I moved away from the centre of town to greener areas and how two kids around the house every second week. Let's see what I can wrap up next year then!


Mademoiselle Laurel said...

Happy late Birthday to you!
I've been reading your blog without commenting for the past two years, and it's really been a pleasure. You've managed to mesh fashion, cats, several art forms, food, and daily life in a way that inspires and entertains.It's awesome that you also share some of the mistakes and less than perfect details of a busy life.

I couldn't help commenting today because just this weekend I procrastinated enough to go through the earlier posts I hadn't seen yet, and it's been fun to see your evolution in style as well as what you choose to write about. I'm looking foward to reading what you have to say in the future. =)

Eirin Edvardsen said...

Congratulation on tour birthday! Your fourth year of blogging too! I´m so impressed. I hace blogged for one and a half year now, and fell still quite fresh in this media, but it´s great fun! I really love your blog so keep up the good work!


FairyFiligree said...

When was your birthday then? My brother is on September 30 and a darling, so if you're any close to that date, you must be quite similar. And congrats on your 4th year of blogging. I started following you last year when I started my own blog and you have been constant inspiration. I won't tell you how many things have change in my life over this past year, well actually over these 4 years.... you'd go breathless!

BunnyShade said...

Congrats on your blog and your birthday, we all have hurtels but you seem to be bringing it all in at the center, bravo!

ina said...

(and I already congratulated you, in case someone thinks I'm rude not to do it here and now :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Mademoiselle Laurel : thank you. It's interesting to read back sometimes myself!

Eirin : thank you. It does take some time to get "routined" with blogging, I think the first 8-9 months were a little bit of this and that

Fairy FIligree : October 4th :) And thank you!

Bunny : thanks!

Ina : tackar, igen!

Alexandria said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary on the blog. Best wishes and continued success!

Mrs H said...

Hyvät myöhästyneet onnittelut syntymäpäivän ja blogin vuosipäivän johdosta!