Thursday, 28 October 2010


The beautiful colours from a few weeks back have now fallen off the trees and are on the ground instead, most of the branches are bare. Which is beautiful still, only a different kind of beautiful.

Biking trough the park into town is like biking trough a small piece of nature documentary each and every time; fasans strutting about, squirrels munching on cones (Eddi hates squirrels but I still find them pretty cute, although I know they eat bird babies) and lots of small little birdies whose names I learned in school but cannot recall anymore. Every single time I curse not bridging my camera along.

Last week however I happened to carry it and took some photos of the swan couple that has been haning around here lately.

I find the fact that swans are monogamous romantic, although I know that it's only nature and features of a species. A few summers back however we had a crazy killer swan hanging around our island in the archipelago, attacking others. There was also a lone mother and her swan baby. One day the male swan attacked the mother. We interfered with nature by driving the male swan away but then he returned and drowned the mother by keeping her head under water while the little baby swan went all peep-peep next to them. Nature is cruel, but I didn't know birds did that, whatever the reason was... and now I made everyone feel bad, myself at least, the story always makes me cry a little bit, while this post was meant to be more of a feelgood one.

Oh, ignore it, just think of the nice park and loving swans instead OK.


BlueMoonDame said...

Good story just in time for Halloween! haha
:( poor swan

archives vintage said...

soooo beautiful! love these images!

Hello Jodi said...

One of my favorite lines from a song:

"The leaves have lost all
of their branches, as always
Which leaves us with gold
and wine colored pathways."

Very evocative of this time of year.

Dave Feucht said...

It is a bit sad... but I think it's ok. That's how life is, there is a lot of sad and ugly (guy throwing animals off balcony) mixed in with some very beautiful things (as you show here).

Sometimes the same thing can be one moment beautiful and the next moment cruel and ugly - or even at the same time (I'm reminded of the Tori Amos line "cuz boy you still look pretty when you're putting the damage on").

I think that realizing this may make us more sad... but at the same time, I think we can see things in a better perspective.

It is a cruel, ugly world, and a breathlessly beautiful one, both all mixed in together, all at the same time. Somehow to me, though I hate the cruel, ugly moments (I'm definitely an idealist), this mixture is wonderful... maybe the moments of beauty are just that much more poignant against a backdrop of sadness.

Gem at Cashmere Scarf said...

Looking at the pictures alone I love it. Just like how I see swans at animated films. :)

The Black Opal said...

Well said, Dave Feucht! I could not agree more with you!

Beautiful post!

tanïa said...

Way-out contrast between pictures and text...the story reminds me of hitchcock's "the birds"...since I watched the film some birds make me feel uneasy anyway. ;o)

Fiona Timantti said...

Joutsenet <3

simply h² said...

So pretty!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful :)

Emily said...

love swans...