Friday, 27 September 2013


Some natural skincare products I've been relying on lately.

Micellar water.
For some reason I think good cleansing toners are hard to find, either they feel too strong or then it feels like they do nothing at all. But I've been happy with Melvita's Bio Escellence micellar toner. Basically you can do your whole cleansing routine with just micellar water -no water needed either - but most of the time, especially if I have had heavier eye make up or so, I wash my face with coconut oil first and then let the toner do the rest.

Castor oil.
I had lash extensions for a long time, and at some point they were poorly glued on, which resulted in my own lashes taking a pretty bad hit. I had them a couple of time later on shorter terms and as much as I love how good it looks and how easy it makes (certain parts of-) life I'm just going try and resist ever putting such on again, as I hate how thin and frumpy my own lashes became. (I think a big part of damage was also the fact that I for shows still needed to put false lashes on, and the glue got stuck to the extensions ripping them off, and then not coming off itself...). I've used castor oil as a natural serum for my lashes for a few months now and, probably partly due to that combined with other factors too, my lashes have grown into their former long self again. I use castor oil on my nails too. It's a quite thick oil without a any smell. Castor oil can be found in many lip sticks and balms too, and is recommended to use for make u removal but for me I feel the oil is too thick and "dry" for that.  I have only ever tried this one brand out, which is from Estonia; Green Nature.

Rose hip serum.
When the weather gets colder I find serums help me a lot to avoid dry skin. Or well, in summer I use them too to feed my skin after the days in the sun. I love rose hip serums. Now I'm using a bottle by Balm Balm, last year I had a similar serum by A'kin which was also very recommendable.

I use the serum under my night cream - depending on what my skin needs that can be aloe vera gel, oil or a lotion. In winter when it gets really cold I put shea butter "on top". It makes the face feel very buttered up during the night but in the morning the skin is all soft prepared for wind and other cold nastiness.

As most of you may remember I use natural products only in hair- and skincare, and mainly when it comes to make up and hair styling too. Works for me!

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Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

I have really started to love Melvita's products this last year... I can't get enough of their floral waters...