Saturday, 7 September 2013


My plants at the countryside house are doing so well. It hurts me a little that we only come here in the weekends now that summer is gone and that they have to stay all alone by themselves during the week ( it's a first world sadness thing, I know).

 We went for a little walk with Dag.

 And Lulu.

 It's harvest time, for a little while still.

 We took our daily stop at the neighbour's cows opposite of us.

 I always picture their old milk can by the road as this little rusty tin man greeting everybody going by, "Hello there, hiya!"

 And how are you doing today?

Checking up on dad & granddad working with the farm machinery.

But the machine itself is more interesting.

One blissful little toddler.


Sometimes happiness is a big green tractor.


Mama D said...

What is it with tractors and little boys. My lil man was absolutely crazy over them round age 2 - not to say that he still isn't. I love all these countryside posts & photos.

Mark s said...