Saturday, 28 December 2013


A little kitsch around the house isn't wrong, especially when it comes to cats!

 The cat-bottle is of course a classic. We got the wine juts because of the bottle; I can't remember what it tasted like. I once saw a window with cat bottles in all colours in a row. Fun! And that meant someone had a lot of wine.

 My youngest sister gave me a black cat soap bottle, because, well, it's a cat soap bottle.

She also gave me the vintage cat lamp they'd found with her boyfriend as it was a little 'too much' for their home. It has just the same look as my Lulu!


Elina said...

As the owner of a black cat I'm quite tempted to start a collection like this. My stepdaughter already has a skirt with black cat print :)

Lola Rose said...

I love love love kitschy black cat objects! I have a one year old black kitty and he is the second love of my life, Avon was doing a little set of black cat things last month and I was so tempted to get them all!

Gabi said...

Sweet is your soap in the shape of a cat.
wonderful blog:)