Sunday, 22 December 2013


A quick shot of my Christmas look I did for a Xmas party yesterday. I named it the 'Christmas Pin-up' or the 'I'm-dreaming-of-a-white-Christmas'-look. Because naming your looks makes everything more fun.

I've had this terrible itch to cut bangs again, but I've been there many times before and have learned that although I love that style, the transition time of growing the hair out again is quite a pain in the derrière to go trough. So I didn't reach for the scissors. Instead I dug out my old little clip-on bang. It had lost a lot of color so I let it soak in a color mask for some hours; the shade turned out rather perfect. (Today however it had taken on a slightly purple undertone and did not blend in with my own hair that well anymore. Umm, I have no idea how that is even possible).

As it is Christmas and as the party was a more-is-more kind of one I went for red and green; lining my eyes with green eyeshadow (and black liner) and, of course,  the lipstick was red. Lots of bling and some chopsticks and huge red flowers in my hair.  Then it was jingle your bells all the way for the rest of the night!


Inna Chein said...

You look so lovely))

Mama D said...

Looks stunning.I grew my bangs out and then realised that the bangs is probably the only hair style that suits me so think Ill have them for as long as i have hair :)

Anonymous said...

Ihana kokonaisuus! !

Immortality Passion said...

You are such a beauty!