Monday, 16 December 2013


Today we went to a glögg party (that would be mulled wine, glühwein and so on) as is the custom at this time of year. Because it's always fun to go a little funny I put on my pom pom brooch from Frollein von Sofa, which originally came as an accessory to a red turban of mine. I also made a hair do, which I feel I haven't in ages;  I've just been wearing my beret during the day and putting on hair pieces for all the shows I've done at night.

My hair has secretly been growing long enough to do almost anything with now. I had almost forgot how easy it was to roll it up into something nice, although for me, the biggest problem is seldom the back of my hair but the front - the last months I feel the hair around my far has been very odd and  not wanting to hang or fall nicely at all.

This hair do is a version of this rolled up-do with large pin curls, just rolled a little differently. It's a under ten minute do. (Or, it is if your hair is in the right mood and plays along so to say. Otherwise you might have to fetch a curling iron or so for easier rolling; curl each section together first and then roll and pin). No back combing or anything; you get some volume and height from the big rolls/curls you make.

The ear drops are vintage and the dress is Trashy Diva.


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Maureen said...

I can't offer you the answer to all of life's problems but I can say I adore the dress and the hairdo!

Serena S. Madhouse said...


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Maureen : thanks, LOL :) Almost makes me not want to delete above spam-comment ;)

Duma makwin said...

Amazing hair style ...........

Anonymous said...

Tuo mekkosi on yksi kauneimmista koskaan näkemistäni! ! Onko tuossa nafti vai reilu kokoluokitus?

Hyvää joulunaikaa sinulle ja perheellesi! Blogejasi on aina ilo lukea. Ne tuovat aina hyvän mielen. :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Anonyymi : Kiitos :) Mekko on joustavaa kangasta, mutta vyötärö detaljien taia se ei kauheasti anna siellä periksi. Mulla koko 8 mikä on mulle peruskoko Trashy Divalla. Voisin olla hieman isompi ja silti mahtua tähän, koska nyt kangas ei vielä venyy/trvi joustaa kun mekkoa käytän . Joidenkin TD mekkojen kohdalla ilmoitetaan reiluista koosta jolloin olen ottanut koko 6, tämän mekon kohdalla ei ilmoitettu niin, mutta sanottiin että kannattaa ottaa pienin mahdollinen ja mennä vyötärömitan mukaan. Pelasin varman päälle ja otin sen kasin vaikka kutonen olisi mahtunut, eikä se haittaa ettei se supertiukka oo. Toivottavasti tää auttoi! Mekko on siis Mandsfield Dress. Suosittelen :)

Anonymous said...

Kiitos! Tuosta kokoluokitukseen liittyvästä vastauksestasi oli paljon apua. :)