Monday, 14 April 2014


I went down south for a day trip to Tallinn the other day. (For those of you who have forgotten your geography Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a few hours south of Helsinki by ship.) I used to go there rather often before when working in the harbour, but now I think it has been at least a few years since the last time.

It was however not totally a day off but something of a work related trip, planning and brainstorming for showbiz and stocking up on supplies for costumes. It's quite common for companies to go on congress/recreation/meeting etc trips on or across the Finnish Bay for a day so we decided to do the same and have our meeting on board. With the company paying - well yes - which makes it even nicer! Of course, when your company consists of two persons and you do all the work yourself it's still you and only you who's paying, but flooing oneself a bit can be comforting.

Lots of coffee and lots of planning.

I had kind of hoped for a warm and sunny spring day and being able to wear my cape but it was cold and warm-jacket weather instead.

Red shoes on old streets.

Mandatory huge pancakes at Kompressor.

We had a destination in town too; a fabric and haberdashery outlet with a much better selection than the stores at home. We kind of went on a little (or, add " around "little"...)  detour on our way there.

So I took walk-by pics of old houses with details matching my boots, mint green bikes (of course) and random doves.

Shopping at Karnalux.
Seriously, anyone who has ever been into costuming in one way or another will know the mixesd emotions and agony of being in a place like this - the pain of knowing you will not be able to go trough everything, and the thrill of having so much to scout for, and then almost giving up and not tang anything because there is just too much. Seriously, it's like this for aisle after aisle, meter after meter in a few hundred square meters.

Lots of ribbons and such making their way back home with us.
(We later realised we should have stocked up on so much more when at it. Damn!)

So we had to calm our nerves at African Kichen afterwards. Vegan dinner and yummy cocktails.

And very tired after lots of walking and brainstorming on our way back home.
(As you can see I have 'done' something to my hair, smartly enough around midnight one moment while brushing my teeth at the same time, so we'll get back to that at some other point.)


Tirppis said...

Jee, otsis on palannut! Täällä kärsitään vakavasta otsatukkakuumeesta. Mulla uskallus ei kyllä riitä kokeilemaan omia taitojani sen leikkaamisessa...

Ava said...

What a gorgeous trip! I have just decided on organizing such a work expedition in the nearest future. Thanks!

PS I think that your midnight ideas turn out pretty awesome.

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Ah, I'm so happy Kompressor is still there, haven't been to Tallinn for over 2 years, either (!). Not that there would be any reason for Kompressor to go anywhere, it's good enough to stay :)

Nadja said...

I see a kitty drawing <3

Anonymous said...

Ihania Tallinna-kuvia. Näistä välittyy hyvä tunnelma!

Uudet etuhiuksesi sopivat sinulle mahtavasti! Pirteä look. :)

Hernes said...

ooh, i love Karnaluks as well. But i am surprised by your selection of restaurants, i'd actually advise some newer, cooler places.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Tirpis : olen aina enen leikkannu otsiksen itse, ja ajattelin tällä kertaa että nyt sen tekee kampaaja. Mutten sitten malttanut odottaa kun öinen inspis iski...

Ina : I was also wondering weather it'd be there but it still was as always :D

Anonyymi : kiitos :)

Hernes: oh, I have been going to Kompressor every time for more than a decade, it has become sort of a tradition. And most often I have had some destination in Tallinn which has left me little time to browse any eating. so I have no further idea what's hip now or not :D This was my first time at Afritcan Kitchen and I thought it ws quite chill, my colleague always goes there when she's over. But feel free to suggest some new places for me to try! (Not that I will skip my pancakes, they come no matter what :)

Hernes said...

The neighbourhood to go to nowadays is Kalamaja. There are 2 places worth trying in Telliskivi Lomelinnak - Kukeke and F-Hoone (; There are also a lot of cool shops in Telliskivi. But one of the best places is Moon cafe - which is run by a couple of an award-winning chef and a sommelier.

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