Friday, 18 April 2014


 Easter and time off! We're spending ours mainly out at the farm (although I will be doing a quick stop back in town on Saturday evening for a show.)

 Right now it's warm enough for no tights and small shoes! Well, for a while at least, on the sunny porch. A few more layers are required still if actually going somewhere...

One of Dag's older brothers bought home Easter decorations he made in school. I put them all on a tray along with his Easter grass and some flowers he picked me himself, as I don't like to spread small stuff out here and there in the house.

Otherwise I don't have any Easter decorations, but I like to buy home lots of colourful flowers for the holidays instead.

(Btw. Most Finnish houses will have an Aalto vase I think. I find it hard to fit anything and look good, but tulips. Tulips will always fall nicely in it.)

And my old test-tubes got some for them as well, and some tiny ones from the garden. Give it a week or two and there will be lots more to tube!

Mämmi in a Moomin bowl, could it get any more Finnish than this?

Mämmi (memma) is an old traditional Finnish dish eaten around Easter that with very little chance will ever be found somewhere else in the world. It is made of rhye and malt and sweetened. I prefer to get the organic version that is sweetened by itself (by letting it sit, sort of), but this year the supermarket was out of it (damn you, likeminded people!) so I got the regular one with molasses. Mämmi used to be such a big disappointment for me when I was little as you kind of expect it to taste like chocolate fudge or so, judging by the look of it. Well the taste is nothing like it; it is rather strong and perhaps a bit bitter too. But I like it! Traditionally it is eaten with milk or cream and sugar, but some spice it up with vanilla sauce or whipped cream, and I heard that a few drops of whiskey on top would be great.

I make my own version and eat my memma with fresh fruits, often apples and bananas, this time with pear and pineapple. And here's a little tip for my fellow Finns, especially those of you who don't consider yourselves to like it; do that, with fruit, and have it with some lemon quark (sitruunarahka)! Woohoo! I mean really WO-HOO!

I bought some big paper eggs to stash candy and eggs in for the kids. My grandparents had old paper eggs like this when I was a kid, and I was happy to stumble upon these.

I had to choose those with the most horrific motifs though. Seriously, does not this bunny freak  you out a little?

(Old easter bunnies -in some ways old anything costume related- do tend to be damn creepy, I mean, have you been around the internet lately?)


Roxy said...

Who doesn't love a good creepy bunny for Easter? I wish we had those paper eggs here in the states...seems that all we have are the silly plastic ones.

MargieF said...

Your test tube decoration is beautiful. The delicate flowers look so much better than bold ones would i think. Also I wish we has the paper eggs here as well, very cute!

Miss Maple said...

Love the flower installation in the test tubes. Can't wait to find them filled with a lot more flowers. That must look so beautiful!

Eva-Lynn said...

Too cute! x

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Tempted to try memma the way you eat it. But then again, it's such a holiday season thing, that I eat one or two bowls of every Easter. So would I ruin my Easter memma bowl by eating it in a different - even if it would be better - way than normally (unwhipped cream and powder sugar)? Ah, first world problems!!! :D

Rhinestone Bridal Hair Clips said...

Nice idea... Decoration looks good...

Capri Leggings said...

Mind blowing work.... Awesome!!