Monday, 21 April 2014


Spring, and Easter especially is the perfect time for all tings pastel or pink. Or floral. So I went trough some of my floral pink dresses during the holidays.

This is the Tea Dress from Vivien of Holloway. The pattern is very retro and bold, sort of crazy if you look close upon it - I don't think I would ever come up with the idea to get a fabric like this for myself if I was about to sew something, but I think it works very nice on this dress (and serves as a good reminder of how different a fabric works when seen separately before cut and sewn into a garment. The same goes for wallpaper too btw).

Eddi commented that the dress was rather nice without me asking him first which does not happen that often.  So it's a winner.

There's a new set of Tea Dresses out in denim fabric which I a coveting for the moment but hey, you can't have everything ;)


Jenny Olofsson said...

Åh vilken vacker klänning <3

ensembledeux said...

Can I have that dress, please? lol I really love this dress an you are gorgeous! :)

Ansa! said...

Aivan ihanan värinen keittiö!