Thursday, 16 October 2014


Some of the things I've worked with the past week.
Some will always think this is "not a real job". But well, that's them.

Last weekend we performed at Pressa. Here we are all lined up in the back room.

 The next day we had a couple of workshops. We have a monthly coaching-class for upcoming performers. And then the occasional themed-ones. Here we are posing before class. We always do, take a photo. That we never use for anything afterwards. Well except for this time, here you go!

 And here our students of the posture & posing class are trying out switching from pose to pose.

(By the way. There have been many requests for a stage make up-workshop so keep your eyes on our the Shangri-La Rubies Facdebook page for that one, which we'll try and throw one in next winter!)

The day after that it was time to set up huge rehearsals for Spectac-O-Rama!, our rockabilly-burlesqe revue that takes places two nights in November (the 8th and the 29th).

Loading in a full band set-up in our studio, going trough heaps of coffee. And the usual stuff: some extra hair, various hats, random leather gear and your everyday sequinned cardboard horse...
It's quite the spectacle I tell you and a lot of fun to work with! Book your tickets directly from the venue, Allotria.

For those hungry for shows, next Saturday I will be at Lavaklubi, Ocober 31st at Kaapeli and November 1st at Horror & Tease in Tampere. And a little extra puff well in advance; if you didn't have plans for New Year's you can make them now - head over to beautiful Astoria for show & dinner and some good ol' dress to impress!

As for the not a real job-thing I can add that this also contains hours of paperwork, paying and sending bills and answering emails, scheduling and planning. But that does not make much for photos.

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Anonymous said...

It's a real job for sure! It takes lots of time, efforts and talent! Having a real job is not necessarily working 9 to 5 in an open space! I must know, I'm a freelancer too and I work from home!!!
You are guys are doing a great job! Keep it up!
PS: I see you also got some of your Mexican cloth to your workshop! I love it, I do that too whenever I like something there are bits and pieces of it everywhere...