Thursday, 30 October 2014


Even though it has been pretty nice during the days lately evenings have turned stormy, dark and spooky - just like they should this time of year!

Apart from a few days a bit back it has however still been rather warm, so the vintage Pendleton jacket I finally got around getting myself (after thinking about one such for years) really did come in handy and has been of much use.  I think I've always had issues with the so called mid-season wear, everything  most jackets I've had have usually been too warm or too cold, but this time around not!

To take my double checks from last week up a notch I added a checked skirt for triple checks. Autumn, you know (although,  the checks on the skirt are pretty subtle.) Scarfs and checks and coloured tights that just call for huge hot cups of tea.
And some red wine, not to forget.


Jenny Olofsson said...

Jag älskar jackan!

Porcelina said...

You can never have too many checks! P x