Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret anno 2015! We are pairing up with Lady Laverna and miss Amber Storm this year resulting in being, once again, a troupe of five. (And we are doing something totally different for this year's festival!)

We haven't actually had a mutual group shoot in two years, and due to shitloads of work and different schedules we got ourselves into a hurry to get a something promo picture of the five of us taken. But we managed to do  a quick shoot ourselves at our studio just before Christmas. Even though it really is no photo studio, we have done quite many shoots over at our workspace in the end; it has rendered itself very useful in many ways...
This time, we went for pastel-pop-candy-fluff-crazy.

And that we are.
Photos and post-production by me*.

*) Altough I would save me some time would we just iron the drapes ourselves instead of doing so in Photoshop... For the next time then!

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Konad-licious said...

This photoshoot looks fabulous! The pastel wigs suit every one of you!