Saturday, 3 January 2015


Sometimes I manage to surprise even myself with the amount of things I am able to get done at the same time. Or, in some (most) cases; the amount of things I manage to do when postponing something else that I actually should be doing.

So because organising my paperwork for my bookkeeper brings out the creative need in me instead, I sew a slipover for Dag -
A slipover pretty much the only thing I can come up with to sew him "just like that" as he is not a little girl I can sew dresses for  -he could have worn those kind of mini muumu-style baby/toddler dresses when he was smaller if I'd made him but I think he's beginning to be to old for such. So slipovers it shall be!

I made this for winter out of a warm stretchy soft fabric. Might try to give a pair of (simple) pants for him a go too!

As I was on it I also sew myself a skirt! I always had this cute-and-stupid idea of making matching mom-girl dresses if I had a girl but I can do it like this instead!

It is something of a 1/4-circle skirt -normally I always measure and do the circle-skirt maths, but because I was kind of in a hurry (=wanted to wear it straight away) and since the fabric is very stretchy and easy, I just measured it on me from one corner; how much I needed to get it to cover my behind. Then I sat down and cut the quarter of a circle straight on the fabric. I sew it together in the back and added a two small darts in the front and two in the back for a slimmer fit, and then attached a thick waistband afterwards.

I also added suspenders.

The suspenders can be attached or removed with small hooks for variation.

And now we are adorably silly and matching!

The fabric is from Eurokangas and my knit top is from KingLouie, shoes Frollein von Sofa. I've worn them all Christmas whenever we went somewhere.


Bianca Bernard said...

Adorably with a capital A :) <3

Ladan Ladanu said...

Why not have a boy-mom duo outfits it's still cute, in fact it's even cuter. I love the shoes!

Jessica said...

Sooooo cute!
I wish you a year with many more ups than downs this time around.

Petra said...

You both look so cute! To add suspenders was a great idea, this makes the skirt look really special :)

Suzi said...

You are both absolutely darling!!

Démo Forever said...

Så himla gulliga!
Nu är ni inte bara lika i ansiktet, klädstilen också ;D

Andrea said...

The matching mom and son look is so totally adorable!

Ryan Sherlock said...
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Ryan Sherlock said...
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