Friday, 2 January 2015


And so yet another year has gone by.
Altough, a year does go by every day and every second, and I am not one of those starting a new life each and every first of January (it’s going to be real crowded at the gym the following weeks, I know).  But as everything is always rounded up around the change of the calendar year, so do I. 

Many might have noticed I did been less blogging during the second half of the year;, I had a lot on my mind that took up time but mainly I was very caught up with work, which, as most of you know, takes time, especially when you do not do a nine-to-five but a wherever whenever combined with a small child. And over here, on the blog, I have tried to prefer quality over quantity which leaves some blanks every now and then.

Last year had lots of ups and downs,  more of the later, but I - apart from a few exceptions - seldom go into those here; this is mainly a space for the good stuff. So here's a little well-compressed lookback on 2014.

So - during 2014 I worked a lot. On stage and behind it, coaching students, making costumes, teaching dance clasees  and travelling back and forth performing trough the country.

There will be lots of work for next year too, and lots of new things! But we'll get back to those when the time comes, some sooner, some later.

Not the most fashion-orientated period of my life going on -I feel I never have anything suitable to wear for most of the time as I do so many different things during the day. But I did do many wearable diy’s and clothing projects.

Thought a lot about hair and then went for it; cut my bangs back last spring.

And -apparently - cooked mainly raw food. (Altough now after Christmas is certainly does not feel like that...)
And Dag grew bigger, like children tend to do. I think he looks all the same but then I look at photos of him from last winter and spring and see the change and how fast it in fact goes when they are small.

And the seasons keeps on changing and time flies. It will be warm and summer again in no time! 
Next year's New Years-post is just around the corner, believe me. But I'm not going to be all too 2016 yet, let's give 2015 a go first. And a great go it shall be!


Priscilla Sim said...

Beautiful pictures!

Debs said...

Great pictures, and it's good to look back on the year and pick out what was good about it rather than lament on what wasn't (as many people do).

Amal Mansour said...

nice pictures and your child is soooooo cutee <3

Anonymous said...

I do hope you have a wonderful New Year!! :)
And keep on blogging - my year would not be as good without your posts, I take lots of inspiration from it.

Roxy said...

Beautiful! Looking forward to what 2015 has to share

Tarwinder said...

Very nice post..... Love to read that and the pictures are outstanding...

Magda Soler said...
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Magda Soler said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Happy new year!

Miss Soler

Ryan Sherlock said...

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