Wednesday, 4 February 2015


  Mint green & soft grey in a re-discovered old sweater. I got it in Milan when I was there performing and also pregnant with Dag.  (That's almost three years ago!! Time flies.)

On yet another quest for all that much coveted space, I decided to clean out my closet and give away anything I haven't used that much and this mint green sweater  -which, even though it is the colour it is has been strangely hard to wear- was about to go, until I noticed it did indeed go rather well with my big grey skirt. So it got to stay.

I like big skirts in winter because if needed you can hide any warm layers underneath.

And here I am in said sweater and big skirt hanging out by my fridge.


Sierra Rose said...

great vintage look!
Pay with Polka Dots

Claire Cooper said...

Lovely look. I also like big skirts in the winter for exactly the same reason

Magda Soler said...

So beautiful!


Susie said... look amazing dear! Love your outfit. Great combination of colors. Love that top!

p said...

Never thought those 2 colours would go along so well. Nice to find such little things (I am after all, wearing clothes daily for over 30 years :D).
Nice to know I'm not alone when buying the prettiest things/ colours and then...they seem to not go along with much else, which is rather sad.

Jessica said...

Lovely colour combination! Also, the green makes your eyes look green!

I Love It I Need It said...

I like your style. I love the vintage feels. The belt and the adorable necklace looks nice. I saw the kind of pieces you worn in a Retail fashion accessories shop. It's pretty great.