Friday, 13 February 2015


My PT sessions are back! To illustrate this I have a highly informative picture of my super shaky hand that feels like it’s stuck in grip-mode after a hard workout (and yes you can also check out my nails with their icy winter manicure).

I worked out with my personal trainer for ten weeks last winter, and it was the best money investment I had made in a long time. You really get to push yourself in a new way. Plus get a bunch of new moves to work on. And, it really is something of an investment, not only from the money point of view, but also (cheesy sentence alert:) an investment in yourself because you know, your body is the one thing you have to live with your whole life. So at the end of last year I gave myself a present when the tax return money came and got myself a set of 10 new sessions. A great decision, once again.

I have always worked out, sometimes more, sometimes less, even though it seldom makes it here more than in a mention or two. What I really loved doing was Savate; French (kick) boxing. I’ve always liked martial arts. I used to do Tae Kwon Do when I was in my late teens. But then my knee got fucked up (a friend sat on my leg so it turned the wrong way, kind of, and things broke) and I had to take a break and then other things came up and I never returned. The reasons I then quit savate about seven years ago were that my working hours in the harbour were so hard I seldom managed to work out on a schedule. That, and that my other knee got fucked up (things broke during a jumping practice) and I had to have an operation and take a 6 month break. Afterwards I returned but when I started performing the bruises all over did not really fit in. Now I live too far from the boxing gym for it to be convenient and my nails are too long to fit in the boxing gloves. But one day I will return! (Add to list of things to take up again). Because, there is no such thing as too old.

Speaking of which; being older today than yesterday, as we all are, I remember reading a blog post from some 19-20-21 year old fashion blogger quite many years ago (I must have been about 26 or 27) where the young author was posting some red carpet celebrity pictures. She was being surprised and impressed that this one celeb woman (can’t remember who and don’t care) could be in such good shape at the age of thirty four! Well, this of course was met with some  amusement from many older (or, “older”) readers that stumbled by, and also by me, not because I didn't think thirty-something was that old back then, but mostly because I had always though I would be in a helluvalot of better shape at 34 than I was at, say, 22 or 26. See, even though I was working out regularly at that time I also went out and partied very regularly. I always thought (and was perhaps hoping) that at 30-something I’d be working out more smart and more dedicated, going out less and having less drinks. And so on. And, ta-da, so indeed I am! After childbirth few will have the same measurements back as one had when 21, but I am in better shape now, in a smarter way, than I’ve ever been before. Moving around for a living also helps, and now of course also because of the pilates training. Being healthy feels good, but I consider myself to be the kind of person that will never get super duper I-will-start-an-instagram-account-about-it fit, neither do I have the need to, because, well, chocolate and red wine are also totally awesome things in this world. But when I’m 34, which is this yearI’m going to be ripped! (or then not, you know, because chocolate. But I like saying it just for fun.)

I also gave myself another treat - a set of vouchers for Liangtse Wellness (a Chinese medicine wellness center). (To illustrate that is the tiny little tea pot you are served tea in when you wait, and later a content me in those small gold pyjamas you get to wear during your treatment.)

I got a gift card there from Eddi for Christmas - I had been planning to of there for years but I am the kind of person who is really bad at getting such things done for myself. Now as I was at it I went all pay-now-think-later and got myself that voucher set.  But it was a good pey first think later moment, because nothing beats someone kneading you aching head for half an hour. Well that would then be one whole hour (and perhaps some other things as well. But it definitely makes top ten of certain lists at least!) My relaxation for the ongoing year is guaranteed.

Now if I could only learn to treat myself to do my book keeping on a regular basis and to fall earlier to sleep at night things'd be even better.


Debs said...

Or treat yourself to someone who will do the bookkeeping for you :), as for sleep - sorry I got nuthin.

Anonymous said...


En tiedä näitä muutamia sanoja ruotsiksi (tai ehkä edes englanniksi), joten kysyn suomeksi. Vastata saa millä kielellä tahansa! Olen vastikään muuttanut Helsinkiin, asun tällä hetkellä Munkkiniemessä. Minun tarvitsisi löytää suutari, pesula sekä ompelija, joka voisi tehdä vaatemuokkauksia ja korjauksia (esimerkiksi lyhentää joitakin vanhoja mekkoja, kun en halua niiden kaikkien olevan alle polven; itse en taida ryhtyä siihen puuhaan sifonkimekkojen kanssa…). Kriteereinä ovat laadukas jälki ja kohtuu edullinen hinta. Olisiko sinulla suositella tiettyjä paikkoja? Erityisesti etsin hyvää ompelijaa.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Debs: oh, I/we have someobe who does the books, have had for years, things would have gone under by now otherwise already :) but I can't just throw in a box of receipts, it is still a lot of work from my behalf too, before the accountant takes over,

Amie said...

Thanks for your balanced view on fitness and body shape/size. I struggle hard with my body - i am recovering from Anorexia and to hear a blogger i really like speak like this gives me hope. Chocolate and Wine are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this side of life. Also, with a little child, finding the time to exercise regularly can't be that easy.
But shouldn't you feel really tired at the end of a PT session and fall asleep wonderfully fast?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous: I alays get an energy boost no matter how hard the training, and even though the body may feel fatigued. But in any case my workouts are early i the day. My gym has a playroom with a couple of girls watching over the kids so that makes it easy for me!

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