Sunday, 29 November 2015


When it's dark and grey outside I easily tend to wrap myself in a lot of black but the opposite can be quite soothing for the eye as well, strong colours in the middle of all desaturation around.

Lately I have been living with such a schedule and activities that I don't really get around using any of my "normal" clothes anylonger. It's most often just studiowear. Reminds me of when I was studying my first year of painting and I used to sew lots of clothes to myself that I also never really -well other than at goa parties - got to wear. (With no internet back then like now so nowhere to show them off! hastag: backinthedays. Or something...)  We just painted all day long at school and I'd wear an old bathrobe from the seventies with a long zipper and mushrooms on it (well it was actually a pretty cool bathrobe) to cover  my clothes and then after school I'd work in the harbour in work wear.

But ta-da! I just blend in my studio wear with my regular way for the in between moments!
With a kitty romper under my skirt.
Also, kitty rompers make grey November days a litle bit better.

The kitty romper is from Coquetry Clothing. The shoes are those water proof ones from Melissa.
I have to say though, that the jacket,m as lovely as the colour may be, is made from such a wool blend that makes the texture look totally awful after less than two months of wear. Booh.

Also, as I mentioned the studio, all our spring classes are now 5% off until Christmas with the code JOULU5! Shopping shopping from our webstore!


Porcelina said...

Beautiful colour combination! Such a shame about the coat though, that it isn't more long-lasting. x

Rahul Verma said...

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goldnfiber said...

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Vemula Madhu said...

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the color and the style is perfect! :)

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