Friday 6 November 2015


A few Sundays ago everyone had managed to have the day off together and get together for  a big family brunch. We celebrated a couple of birthdays once we were at it.

Dag had been very excited the whole week over going to  brunch. (As you can see this was obviously before his haircut.)

I got a belated birthdaypresent. A cherry dress!

I had been dreaming of Sandro's brunch for some time already, because it's definitely the best brunch in town. Northern African and Lebanese food, champagne, mini smoothie shots and lots of cake, plus awesome service. On Saturdays the brunch is vegan and vegetarian and on Sundays the warm options also have meat and fish (while the cold dishes, apart from the tsatsiki, all were vegan).

Happy food death. The pickles, seriously.

And even happier mint-tea & cake death.

Cousin Feke can't enjoy that quite yet though, although he would very much want to.

After brunch we went over to Kuusisaari, where I had managed to lure everyone over for an art exhibition at Villa Gyllenberg.

Helsinki as seen from the "side".

It has really been such a beautiful autumn so far!

The view from the villa's garden is rather impressive. Tapiola, where we (or, nowadays just me and Dag...) live when in town, is just across on the other side.

Villa Gyllenberg is an art deco villa that after the Gyllenberg couple's death serves as an art museum featuring their vast art collection. I have actually never been there before, and it was worth a visit!

I wanted to go there because of their exhibition of art portraying street art and the circus. Here's a postcard of one of the paintings. The actual house and it's own collection turned out to be more interesting though, and we were lucky enough to have an friend of my sister's husband working there who showed us around talking about the history of the house and also interesting details on some of the pieces of art there.

There were many works of Schjerfbeck.

But among renaissance art and dynasty vases it got a bit nervous to walk around with a three year old.
So outside he got to run his well behaviour off a bit and found this giant leaf pile.

Which I also eventually climbed into. Autumn joys!

And then we saw this little fella who had just fetched lunch!


Porcelina said...

Looks like a perfect day out! You really do have a spectacular autumn xx

Anonymous said...

I've been planning to see that exhibition, and also the current one at Didrichsen close by. You were lucky to have a "private tour". :)

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