Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Alright, that's it! I am done with winter. I am countdowning for spring! I want new small green leaves, budding flowers and warm spots in the sunshine, dry streets bare legs and flaring hems. The sooner the better!

Somedays everything here is so desaturated it is like living in a black and white photo. And, like every year, you think will this never end..)


But then the next day the sun is shining and you know there's hope after all!
And it may even look so nice you may even start thinking about taking the skies back out and go all winter for a little while again.

(Alright, I did not take them out even once this year even when we had more snow and cold so saying 'again' is perhaps a little exaggeration. I'd love to if I had the time though.)

And yes this back-and-forth weather and back-and-forth-thinking goes on until about April.
Each and every year.


malcontent said...

Long winters can be so psychologically rough. I've always had a hard time when living in a cold climate and facing the short days and that unremitting winter dark. Desaturation is a great way to describe it. However, there is a beauty in the pared-down nature of winter, the stripped trees and sober light, that you to capture in your photographs. Without this starkness, the brightness of spring would seem less extraordinary. I hope the sunlit days of spring and summer will be all you're anticipating this year.

Anna said...

How I miss such a winter!!!! Happy you! :-)

Zarrelle said...

OMG! I'm loving all the winter scenery pics!

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