Thursday, 25 February 2016


- is always the one of panic sequin sewing and rhinestone glueing, no matter how early on the process has started. The magnificent 9th Helsinki Burlesque is just a week away and as usual we are producing new stuff for it. And as usual it's late nights and everything at the studio and home(s) covered in blingy things.

-is also the time of bookeeping, which also, year after year, is as stressy and messy, no matter how much I promise myself to get everything in order once per month (or even every secondm goddamit!) and how good any helpful keep-them-in-order- apps may be. Damn you, paperwork!
(But like my bokkeeper said the other day when I was stressing over the mess -that may not after all be that messy in the end: "one just has to do what one is good at". Phew for that!)

This is also the time for onranges! At least two, often three, per day, yum!


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