Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I went out shopping for cat food and rubber boots but came home with a pair of sparkly heels instead.

In my business, it's just hard to let anything glittery on sale go. (The glitter herpes -pretty much every burlesque performer gets it- does not only spread around on everything you own but it slowly eats up your brains too.) These were -70% at Prisma.

My son did eventually get rubber boots too. And the cats got food. All is well.


Lauren said...

Haha. I'm the same...I went to get my haircut and came home with not one but two pairs of shoes!

Maddy said...

You have reached high level of writing an interesting articles. You are one off my best blogger!

Debs said...

Oh I understand completely. I would have done no different.

Women Discount Shoes India said...

Pretty sparky heels , perfect for a party.

Anonymous said...

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