Thursday, 20 April 2017


For the moment.
Apart from the daily to-do list(s). And apart from the weekly and monthly ones as well.

I am a total list-person. I write lists on my phone, on the back of receipts and opened envelopes and random A4's around the house and in multiple text files. And in email drafts. Lists are the foundations of how all practical (and less practical) parts my life is organised. Sometimes I write the same list a couple of times, to get to go over things again (or because it's enjoyable if it's a list of fun things) or because it feels like it's one step closer to be done that way. Ha!

So, here's my "top five" lists for the moment

1. List of lists to be made.
Yes, for reals.

2. Movies I want to be able to catch while they still run at theatres.

I really want to see Moonlight.

This is a constant one, that comes and goes, and that seldom gets anything checked off because work and kids and life and all that. But this winter we managed to see one movie with Eddi, so I've given new hope to actually seeing a couple more!

Also bubblin' under:
Books I want to read (I'd like to read far more than I do nowadays but feel I don't have the time. Hell, internet!)
Shows I want to watch (And no, these two are in no way connected. Ehrm...)

3. Things to renovate at home -
including separate lists of:
-wallpapers I want to use
Turns out there are more of those than walls. And it's good most of my lists are a slow process because this changes one throughout the years.
-storage; how to organise what and where
(this never ends)
-interior details to add after the hard work is done (the one you'd like to dig into immediately; fuck the hard work-part)

This set of lists is constant, because an old house will always need something, but is now back in the top-list segment, as things will kind of, somehow, finally start happening over here for reals soon!

4.  Things to grow in the garden
Because what if, this year, for reals.
It's a fun one though. Let's see if we make things happen big(-ger) this year, and all trough the summer...

5. Blog posts to write
This would make a book by now, all the unwritten ones.
If there's a hashtag #toooldtopublish here's where it comes to use.

Are you a list-writing person? Are your lists rather constant or do you get to check things off?

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Anonymous said...

This is weird but sometimes I write list of things I have already done to feel accomplished!
At night before falling asleep I make mental lists of the good things that happened on that day. As corny as it may sound it helps me put things into perspective and fall asleep feeling lighter. I wish you wrote existential posts again about life and things in general, I miss those!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous: Those posts do exist! On that list (instert that sad -exhausted smiley here...). I do write alot of those, in my head. Things have been even more busy than before the past two years and as a clearly visible result of that there has been less blogging. But I should do those positive lists too! I know the list-the-good-things-of-today is also used as a method to become more organised and effecitve so I really shuold get better on that :)

Nadja Mik said...

I am a list person :) I have one next to my PC at home and at work. I send list emails for myself from work to my home email. Having things on paper means, that you don't have to "carry" everything in your head ;)
Life is easier with lists and it's so satisfying to complete tasks from the list :)