Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Leather jacket – thrifted years ago
Blue dress – h&m, customized by me
Grey leopard print dress – saints and mortals
Bag – from a bazar in Tunisia some years ago
Shoes - Attitude, Scarf – very old
Cardigan and gloves - h&m

It's been such great weather the past few days; warm, dry and sunny (hello, the weather-blog is back....) It has made me feel happy and relaxed. And, the best part – back on with my beloved leather jacket. And I wasn't cold at all (but ok, I did wear two dresses on top of each other just to be sure).

I went shopping today, for the first time in ages. Normally I don't like tha idea of just "going shopping", unless I really need to get something. Of course I like it, in a way, but every now and then I remind myself that it's just useless consuming - my wardrobe is full of things I seldom use and most often there is nothing that I actually must get. Well, having that said, I still enjoyed myself today, had a mediocre lunch at a trendy place, bought a lot of nice things that I propably also could live without, just wandered around. Since there has been so much going on in my life lately it was nice to spend the day by myself and keep my mind on other things.

I spent almost 200€ on vintage inspired lingerie, not quite as much but still enough on things to pamper my face with and quite little actually on a pair of shoes that I, contrary to what I just wrote, propably could not live without. Later on it accured to me that it was totally fine that I got them since I didn't have a pair of t-strap heels before. And they had great form on the heels! (When will I stop to think it is necessary to have shoes in all colours and all models possible?).


david santos said...

Really beautiful!
Thank you.

The Clothes Horse said...

Yay for good weather and shopping!

ina said...

i wanna do shopping, too!