Monday, 28 April 2008


Dress - my grandmother's sister's old
Shoes - h&m, Scarf - old
(...and a new tattoo :)

Oh my oh my oh my, I've had the most tireing week ever. The only thing I am able to do now is just lie myself down, put my legs up and rest. (I know that it's a bad thing to wear heels when knowing one has to walk around for hours but I just can't help myself).

I moved, the new flat will be great but right now it consists mostly of just boxes. Boxes, boxes boxes.

I went shopping for stuff for the new house and ended up with three lovely dresses instead. (As I said, I just can't help myself...) So far so good. But then one of my cats disappeared; I had brought them to my grandparents in the suburbs for the time of the moving and one of them ran away. So afer I moved I went there to search for the cat but he was nowhere to be found. I was so worried, it was a new and strange environment for my cat and I started to fear he had been hit by a car or so; the highway is really close to where we were. It was horrible to sleep the first night in the new place with one cat less! But the next day my cat found his way back to my granparents and I was ever so happy to get him back!

My week didn't get any better after that though - my wallet was stolen on Friday. I stopped by the clothing store I still am employed at but never work in and had my bag on the floor while talking to my friends there. I was about to buy my sister a dress for her birthday when I noticed my wallet was gone. The only other customers who had been there were some teenager girls and now that I think about it they were hanging quite close to my bag all the time... Really shitty, I lost some cash (and I usually never even carry any cash but of course the day I have some someone steals it right away, just great!), all of my credit- and bank cars, along with my drivers licence and all of my other loyal customer cards, some photos and important receits, my shopping discount cards, restaurant copuons...

Well, I guess it can only go upwards from here?


ina said...

oh no... I feel for you, hon'. Pickpockets are seldom a problem here (and people usually loose their wallets only when they're out drunk) but sometimes it apparently happens. The only good thing is that you noticed early your wallet was gone... I don't actually have a real wallet, just a small textilepurse for the cards and the papermoney, while I have the coins in a pocket or somewhere. And no other stuff. Then I won't loose at least everything in one time.. Unless I loose my bag..

That dress is, btw, really cool! I'd like to see more of those dresses you've gotten from your grandmother (I think you said you have a few).. And that tattoo is really cool, too. ;)

The Clothes Horse said...

That dress is lovely. When will we get to see your new tattoo? And hopefully everything will be uphill.

ModeJunkie said...

ohh too bad. :(
you know sometimes i don't mind if they steal the money (i don't carry that much anyways, so) but the cards, driver's license and all that crap. i hope they had just thrown it away somewhere and somebody found it and gave it up to the police. i dunno. too bad.
lovely dress though! you rock them so well.

Luxe. said...

Oh why oh why have I never stumbled upon your blog until now?! I love your style and you are so beautiful! Love the blog!

Ana said...

That dress is so cool.

Nanó said...

Aah, I'm so sorry for you:(. I've been lucky not to have had my wallet ever stolen yet, but I can imagine how it feels. Crappy. Well, I hope you'll have a lovely weekend to cheer you up!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Ina: I'll show some more of th dresses yes as soon as I find my scanner wire so I can scan drawing / I get unpacked enough to find a good spot for taking photos at home :)

The Clothse Horse: picture coming right up!

Modejunkie: ues I know, the loss of all cards is the worst. And it takes forever to get them back!

Luxe.: Oh thanks, likewise!

Ana: thanks

Nanó: it's such great summerlike weather so I bet the weekend will be great :D