Monday, 7 April 2008


Jacket - vintage
Dress - selfmade
Shoes - Sthlm DG
Polkadot scarf - old
Bag, cardigan and gloves - H&M

I love my new shoes.
I love my new hair curler.
I love my chocolatebox-like bag.
I love my leather jacket (in case I someone still didn't know...)
I love wearing a very tight dresss those days I actually can pull it off.
I love having spare time and just strolling around town without anything special to do.

Btw I am no longer in the posession of a digital camera.
Any suggestions of what brand/model to buy? It has to be a good one but doesn't have to be super-pro.


ina said...

Ah, I really need to get in shape for the summer - right now I can't wear anything thight... =)

This drawing is by the way really cool - and I love your leather jacket, too!
Right now I have a problem 'cause I don't have a spring jacket (and no money)... I probably need to borrow some old from my sis. I love my denim jacket with my hardcore and punk pins (I know it's maybe a little immature with the pins, but maybe it's good to not be so mature all the time...), but it's still far too cold dor that...

atelier said...

The draws are really cool. I suggest Nikon D-40, it's like $500 something, but it's very good! if that it's to much, I mean if you don't want a reflex camera, try anyone by Sony, they are very good!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

ina : yeah the punk pins are ok

atelier : thanks and thanks for the tip!
I'll check the cam out!