Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Some time ago we celebrated my grandfather's 90th birthday and family was gathered from two countries. I went for the sweet look but my younger sisters were all sassy but still classy with a rockabilly-chic look (and made me wish I would have gone for edgy instead of sweet too). They looked really great togehter!

Anyway, one of the things I really want to to do in my life is to someday write a book about my grandfather's life. He left his own occupied country at an early age to join the army of another nation, so that he that way could fight the country that had occupied his own. After leaving without saying a word that one afternoon he never saw his parents again - he could not visit his own country as long as it was occupied since he had fought the "wrong" side. But he did send them a letter many many years later telling them about his life as it was by then. When he was in the army he met my grandmother, they fell in love and later, after the war, met up in another country to start a life togehter. Quite the restless soul he is their faimily lived in many places on three different continets (and I have to give kudos to my granmother for keeping up with that - raising three children and always leaving just as they had settled down!). THere is a lot more to the story than this too, but I'll save that for the book then :)

My grandfather never spoke of these thing himself, it's just what I've gathered form my mother and grandmother, but now that he is getting very old and sadly a bit confused from time to time, he has started to tell some stories. He really is a great person and I hope we sill will have him around for long!


Anonymous said...

Wow, i find your blog and...you're beautiful! kisses from spain.

ina said...

You never told me that about your grandfather. It sounds interesting.. Good thing you ended up in this country! =)

leenu said...


Your grandfather`s story sounds familiar. My grandfather left also his own occupied country at an early age to join the army of another nation. He also never spoke these things himself. He died last march and he left a letter about his life.
He was great person, like a father more than grandfather to me. I really miss him.
I think that it`s our duty to tell the stories witch was too difficult to our grandparents . Even if we must add some fiction to the story. I tell these things in my paintings. Good luck with the book!

You really have great blog, you inspire me! =)

esme and the lane way said...

It sounds like an amazing story – i hope you are able to tell it in full one day.
I like your illustrations, too. Oh, and the blue pants in the next post down – awesome!

Anushka said...

For the majority of my life I haven't known my father's family but found out my own grandfather's story from manuscripts that he has been writing since he retired, and again it sounds similar to that of your grandfather's (I don't know which occupied country you refer to but my grandfather is Polish) and it's a fascinating (and also incredibly sad) story which, in the most banal way, is good to read as well. definately write the book.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

anonymous - thank you

ina: Yeah we haven't actualy spoke about this. Funny, considering you studies and all...

Esme and the lane way: thanks

Leenu & Anushka : yes there are a lot of similar storeis out there. Similar, but still individual, and it's interseting to get to hear about them for me.
( I dind't mention which country on purpouse to not get too personal here)