Friday, 2 May 2008


Well here's a scentence I've written here many times before:
I've had so much work to do I haven't been able to post anything lately.
It's true though. Almost too many commissions, but hey, I ain't complaining. And my promotion at the other job has also taken a lot of time.

+ I still have some boxes to unpack at home and haven't found the wire to my scanner, thus no drawing-posts.

+ There is yet no good place in the new home to take outfit photos in (I'm quite the perfectionist, a slave to the details you know, can't take photos with ugly boxes and a mess in the background).

For now I'll just give you a (quite crappy- so much for the perfectionism:) pic of my newest tattoo.
It says forgive me.

But the person it is ment for has not seen it yet.


The Clothes Horse said...

Your tattoo is gorgeous.

Safari Lee said...

Who's the artist? I love rose tattoos. Actually, I love tattoos.
My blog has a pic of me and my man at You can see how much we like tattoos :)

hugs, Safari

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

The clothes horse : oh thanks

Safari : it's made by SailorAndy (as are most of my tattoos)

ina said...

it turned out really good. Sailor Andy is one of the best artists here, I think. =)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Yes, along with the other guys at Legacy!

ina said...

indeed... =)

Lux said...

I LOVE your tattoo. I love it so much I consider copying it, until I remember how rude that would be because it's so original and unique.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Lux : Well, I've made the original drawing of this tattoo and there is a long story behind it so it really is very unique. However, if you like it it's fine by me if you want make the same or something similar :)