Monday, 28 September 2009


(Photo from here.)

There were so many participants of the Tara Starlet give-away but as you know, only one lucky girl to win. Miss Fortune has drawn that lucky new owner of the sailor slacks; this time it's The Sun and the Sparrow! Congratulations!

(Btw even though the Choo collection is not out yet it's already known that the next designer to work with H&M will be Sonia Rykiel. There will be a lingerie collection launched in both H&M stores as well as Rykiel's boutiques (!) in December 2009, and knitwear for women and children(girls) in the spring of 2010. I never end up buying any of the stuff anyway but I think the designer collaborations were a pretty genius idea for H&M to come up with. And if you're sad for not winning the pants maybe this will make some of you girls feel better :)