Saturday, 25 February 2012


I used to go and draw to all Dr.Sketchy events - you know, the so called "anti art school", drawing evenings usually with creative settings and in one way or another cabaret inspired models. Plus red wine and good music -  but during the past two years I have let my pencils rest. Haven't had the time really. In fact, Sketchy's in Helsinki was on hiatus for some time due to a lack of time from the organizers too, as it was run by the same team behind Helsinki Burlesque.

Last year however my fellow Itty-Bitty Tinker Bell and former Bitty Jackie O'Lantern took over as hostesses and organizers of the Helsinki events!

I missed out on the first evenings but modeled for the last one a couple of weeks ago. It was a very visual evening so I though I'd share some photos.

The theme was simply "art" and we posed as the primary colours. I'm so blue!

Art. Plus cabaret.

Arty girls; Fiona (wearing a self-made hat, of course) and Sktechy's  DJ Lola M.

Leila Halkeama, The Grand Artist-charcter talking about arty stuff for the crowd.


And here on paper (drawing by Janne Korsumäki).

Equals orange.

This makes purple.


Posing with results.

All photos by Tuomas Lairila, you can view the album here.

More info about Dr.Sktechy's in Finland can be found HERE, for those interested and up for it.


melina bee said...

the garter closeup is rather steamy!! the artists must be thrilled to have such total babes as muses.

Cheryl Lynn said...

You guys look fabulous. You were blue, indeed. Beautiful colors! Cool event!

Anonymous said...

I love this...!!!

Nat said...

wow these events look amazing, as a practising artist I would definitely be up for it. shame its in Finland...

Natalia L. said...

This look wonderful and so much fun! And you are so beautiful in blue!

Girls that glitter love the dark

nana said...

great idea and lovely tricolor models

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Nat : but sketchy's is a world wide phenomenon (started by artist Molly Crabapple in NY), google Dr.Sktechy and your town / some town near you and see if there perhaps might be someone doing it already :)

goraya said...
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Dashfield Vintage said...

You guys look fantastic! I'm terrible at drawing, but I did model at one last year. It was a day of the dead theme and I had a pretty funny time running through the middle of town in full face paint and costume trying to get to the venue in time!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Dashfield Vintage : yes I remember that post :)