Monday, 16 June 2014


There are lots of flowers blooming here and there in my garden. I mostly let them tend to themselves.

So things get a little wild, but that's OK. Here we have a mix of (edible) weeds (edible and healthy, what a great excuse to just keep them there!). strawberries, chive and parsley. Plus some random flowers that have found their way there trough the wind.

The garden is very well set originally though, by Eddi's grand-aunts and parents. There is always something blooming and when those flowers have faded the next ones are on their way.

 My little gardener.

Saying good night to the lambs.

Brothers and farmers. Talking farm stuff.
I love these light nordic summer nights - it's past eleven int the evening when I took this photo!


Natalia Romashko said...

You are so lucky to live such country life! It's such a blessing to be so close to nature, especially in summer time. And it's great for your baby to grow like this. Wish you all the best! Thank you for such nice pics that let me relax!

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Bally Chohan said...

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Jenny Olofsson said...

helt fantastiska bilder. Idyll

Miss Rascal said...

Nu fick jag hemlangtan.