Friday, 19 June 2015


The past year I have started craving long and flowing dresses in everyday, something which I had trouble wearing before. I still find they can be a bit difficult to combine with the right shoes and jacket though (to avoid having me look like I am living 1999 all over again, when goa trance was the shit and we hanged out at Hare Krishna). But I am getting into the lower hemlines nonetheless!

I got this dress from vintage shop Hoochie Mama Jane some time back, late in spring.


Caramella said...

Gorgeous dress, you look very pretty.

Vikranthi said...

wow... amazing dress!! you look beautiful dear.
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Kitschy Mama said...

This dress is beautiful and it suits you very pretty!
Your hair wants me to dye mine my natural color again too, I sometimes find funky colors hard to combine with my dresses..

And the funny thing is that we're the same age, in 1999 I was also all about the hippie lifestyle and going to Goa Parties and I'm also wearing long dresses more these days. It must be the spirit of the age ;-)

Serena S. Madhouse said...

fascinating! you could be out of a painting by Sandro Botticelli!



Lainie said...

Beautiful dress! Funny, you aren't the only one, I have also been wearing these long dresses lately, and having issues with shoes. I have been doing with flats or my 40s style shoes...may I ask what shoes you wore with this?

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