Thursday, 18 June 2015


 My favourite manicure is by far the pointy french one in different shades of red.
I'm not sure if there is a more official name for it but 'pointy french' is the one I go with.

It is actually very easy to make - just two strokes of varnish drawn from each side of the nail and up to the top. Even manageable to do with the weaker hand.

Or you can draw the lines more round, to get heart shaped tips (there's a lot more going on with my nails here in this pic but ignore that).

If you want to fancy it up, make small dots in a metallic shade along the line.

Use a thick varnish with good coverage that is not too runn. Make the small dots with a toothpick, hairpin or needle for application.

The deluxe version would be small rhinestones, but I leave it to the salon for that.


Inês Silva said...

this is so cool, it's pretty perfect for a vintage look, but I can't grow my nails big enough to make them take shape :\

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I had my first "Pinterest file" kind of experience LOL. I'll keep trying... maybe my nails are too short? and let me tell you, making the right hand is mission impossible!!

Anonymous said...

failure I meant failure!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : Haha oh no :D I'm sorry for laughing, but it just sounded so funny. But yes, you -and Inês- are right, with shorter nails it will be harder to make! It will turn out a bit differently and has to be made to start "lower" on the nail then... My suggenstion is to do it and just let the sides of your finger get all messed up, wait for the nails to dry and use a cotton tip with remoer to clean your fingertips... As for the right side, practice and practice with "confidence", one firm strong sweep! You can do it!
Oh btw! The dot-decoration is easier to do on shorter nails, coat your whole nail with varnish and once it has dried do the V-shape with dots instead!

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