Friday, 12 June 2015


I came home from London a couple of weeks ago already, but time goes so fast and I've had my hands full I thought it was just the other day (most things I post nowadays on social media feels like it already was two weeks ago, and it most often is. There are not enough hours per day to get everything I want done it seems). But yes we had a good few days in London with great shows. I didn't ge to move around that much though, we mostly just were around Camden, where our venues were and were we'd thus rented a flat.

London was the place we all wanted to move to int our late teen years in the late nineties. Influenced by all the brit pop bands and films like London Kills Me that was pretty much everybody's dream and mission. Well, other things happened, but visiting London (and Camden in particular) now I can tell that the 1998 little hippie me really would have loved it. Haha oh my.

I decided not to take my camera with me as I knew I really would not have the time for photos and would just be stressing about the fact that I did not get the camera out enough if I'd brought it along so here are some shots I snapped with my phone instead -

Picture of Tink and me by @veradevil

Breakfast in our flat.

Backstage and waiting at Fiddler's Elbow. (Not always so glamorous as you see.)
(Pics is by @ruskarieban)


But I did manage to go to some other part of town as well!
Vivien of Holloway is one of my favourite brands so I wanted to visit the shop in person.

Backstage at Dingwalls. More glamour.

Before we go on stage.

Back stage post-show posing.

And yes the snake was indeed real.

The last lunch in London was also the first park lunch of the year. 

One of many Amy stenctils, this one around the corner of where we stayed.

And then I arrived back home with the red double decker bus I'd promised Dag and that mandatory phone booth jar! (This one with cookies, but I think I remember one with toffees from when I was a little girl.)


biraj99 said...

Vinay Kumar said...

I like your blog. Lovely Bed Sheets!
Everything about that room is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Did you rent your flat through RBNB?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : yes Air BnB! Recommendable :)